Stormy Week Ahead: Intermittent Connection at Best

Algy is very sorry, but his wee corner of the world is experiencing very stormy conditions at present, and his assistant has only occasional and intermittent access to the internet… and that connection may fail too, as the weather is going to get worse.

Algy will continue to post his adventures whenever he can, but there may be some gaps, for which he apologises most sincerely.

Algy’s crowdfunding campaign page at Sponsume should not affected by these West Highland storms, so if you would like to buy Christmas gifts etc. this weekend, please go ahead, and Algy will catch up with Sponsume when he can.

Algy has fluffed up his feathers to keep out the howling north-west wind and the battering hail and sleet, so he sends you all lots of especially fluffy hugs, and hopes you keep warm this weekend xoxoxo