The moon shone brightly on the calm waters of the quiet loch, and lit up the clouds as they scurried across the cold night sky.

Algy perched on a branch near the water, just listening to the lap lap lap of the water on the stony shore, so different from the noisy pounding of the ocean waves on his own sandy beach. It was peaceful beside the loch on such a beautiful night, and Algy was thinking of one or two of his special friends who celebrate their birthdays this weekend. He sends them extra special fluffy birthday hugs, and hopes that they will have a truly happy time 🙂

Have a peaceful and happy weekend, everybody xoxo

Happy Birthday dear Shelia @bluelunaphotography xx

A little bird told Algy that you were celebrating your birthday today, and so he sends you his bluest moon adventure and lots of very fluffy hugs xoxo