Lifting Fog


When the morning sun filtered through the soft white curtain of fog, the beautiful, warm colours of a Highland moorland in autumn started to emerge in patches here and there. Algy leaned back comfortably against a wee ledge on one of the numerous rock outcrops, and watched the colours increase in intensity and begin to glow as the sun gradually lifted the fog from the hillsides.


When Algy got up on Friday morning, the world was full of swirling mists. They emerged from the peat bogs to dance around the ridges, before gradually slipping away into the sky as the sun grew stronger. The ground was still frosty, but for once there was not a breath of wind, so Algy found a prominent perch where he could get the full benefit of the morning sun. It was wonderful to have so much light shining on him again after the dreary months of darkness and gloom, and he felt sure that spring was not very far away now…