When Algy woke the next morning, he found that the Scotch mist had descended again, and it was even darker and gloomier than before, and exceedingly damp.

The forecasters were saying that a big storm was on its way, but for the moment it was calm, although very dreich and dismal. Algy decided that in conditions such as these, more hugs were needed, so he took his little blue monster out to see the daffodils emerging from the ground, and gave it a great big fluffy hug 🙂

Have you hugged your monster today? Algy sends lots of extra fluffy hugs to all those who may be in need of extra hugs today xoxo

Algy’s monster was sent to him by @monster-hugs some years ago, and travelled thousands of miles around the world, just to keep him company and give him someone extra to hug 🙂


Although bathed in early spring sunshine, Algy discovered that the day was nothing like as warm as it appeared. So he found a low-lying spot out of the wind, sheltered by a bank of golden daffodils, and settled down on a soft bed of moss and dry grasses to soak up the sun and dream lazily about this, that, and the little blue monster who was going to travel across the ocean for him to hug!

Today Algy received a wonderful surprise in his Tumblr mail. He was so excited! No-one had ever made any kind of picture specially for him before, never mind a picture with him in it! He practised looking like his portrait …

He sends lots and lots of fluffy thanks to Hanna, his lovely new friend at monster-hugs who sent Algy his own little monster in this picture, specially for him to hug. Thank you, thank you, thank you xxx

Algy would also like to thank all his other new Tumblr friends, young and old, for following his Adventures and for “liking” them. Thank you all very much indeed! Algy sends you all fluffy hugs, and hopes that you will be kind to your own monsters and hug them frequently 🙂