Merry Christmas Everybody!

Merry Christmas everybody 🙂

Algy wishes you all a joyful and peaceful Christmas and sends you all lots of very fluffy Christmas hugs xoxo

Don’t forget to download Algy’s Christmas present to you all – a FREE copy of the Kindle edition of his new book The Magical Midwinter Star. Full details with links to all the Amazon pages for the book are in Algy’s previous Christmas post.


Several hours passed and eventually, after much tussling with the decorations, Algy managed to get his assistant’s Christmas tree dressed just in time for Christmas Eve. He felt so happy when she finally flicked the switch and the tree came alive with twinkling sparkles everywhere :-))

Algy hopes that you are all feeling happy this evening, and sends lots and lots of festive fluffy hugs to you all xoxoxo

Merry Christmas everybody!