As the sun sank down beyond the headland, beautiful coloured reflections appeared in the rock pools, rippling with the swell of the sea at the turn of the tide. Algy flew over to the rocks to get a better view, and perched there, quietly watching the water, until the light was gone.


After all the excitement of opening Amy’s pictures and exhibiting them – not to mention the effort of his tussle with the folder – Algy felt in need of some quiet rest and relaxation. So, at the end of the day, he flew down to the sea and sat quietly on a rock, to watch the reflections on the swirling water at sundown and listen to the soothing sounds of the ocean.

Algy would like to thank everyone who made such kind comments on his adventures with Amy’s beautiful pictures, with special thanks to LuxLit for the reblog – and above all extra special thanks to Amy for making and sending the drawings. Fluffy hugs for you all xoxo

On either side of the pass the mountain sides rose up quite steeply, until they vanished into the low clouds which drifted constantly along the ridges. Everything was dripping and soggy from the mist, so Algy perched rather awkwardly in a young birch tree, to avoid soaking his feathers on the wet ground. It wasn’t exactly raining, but then, on the other hand, it wasn’t exactly not raining … “And that’s the West Highland summer for you,” Algy grumbled to himself.

Algy thought of all his friends far away, and particularly of his special Tumblr friend Ted in the USA, who celebrated his 40th birthday a few days ago, and who seems to love the Scottish Highland landscape. Algy sends you a big fluffy hug and late congratulations on your 40th birthday, Ted – and a thousand thanks for all your support and encouragement, and your reblogging of his adventures on the excellent LuxLit 🙂 May you have many, many more happy years ahead, and make many more wonderful images :))

The wonderful thing about the beach is that it is never the same twice – or even once – and for Algy it is a constantly renewed source of fascination. This time the tide was very low, and it was even possible to walk out to the wee islands if you didn’t stay too long… But Algy was more interested in the shells and the many different coloured seaweeds that had gathered in the strange ruts which the receding tide had channelled in the sand.

Algy would like to dedicate this post especially to Eva and her beautiful feathered friend Lukulla, and to thliii and LuxLit, with many, many thanks for all their kindness and continued interest in his adventures.