Have a Peaceful, Safe and Happy Week


Algy moved close to the water and gazed at the waves as they rolled up against the rocks. In a world of constant trouble and strife, the perpetual motion of the sea provided a perfect antidote – even though Algy knew that the ocean itself held plenty of dangers for creatures not adapted to living in it…

But despite the perils of the deep, perching on a rock on a fine day, just watching the ever-changing pattern of motion and listening to all the wonderful sounds that the sea made, was profoundly soothing. In Algy’s opinion, this was a perfect way to spend an afternoon… a fluffy bird’s idea of peace and contentment 🙂

Algy wishes you all a peaceful, safe and happy week ahead xoxo


Incoming Tide


Algy hopped over to the rocks, where the incoming tide was surging and gurgling through a narrow channel in a most delightful way. For a short while he perched on a rocky seat in the sunshine, just watching the water rushing backwards and forwards, although he knew that he would not be able to stay there for long…

On the Rocks


Algy followed the lighthouse keepers’ path down to the barnacled rocks at the edge of the sea, and found himself a prickly perch among the rock pools. The tide was coming in, and the water surged all around his feet with much enthusiasm. It was great fun to watch, and he wondered how long it would be before he got splashed…

Algy hopes that you have all been having fun and enjoying yourselves this weekend 🙂

Next weekend, Algy’s assistant will be signing copies of Algy’s book A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird at the local lighthouse, which is one of Algy’s favourite haunts. So Algy decided to celebrate by devoting his posts this week to some of his adventures on the lighthouse rocks.

On the more sheltered side of the lighthouse, massive steps carved out of the rock lead down to the sea. There are no railings nor any other means of preventing unwary visitors from tumbling into the sea, so even a fluffy bird has to take care, especially in high winds or when the sea is stormy. On this occasion, however, the sea was relatively calm – just swirling quite gently around the rocks in the treacherous waters. The wind, however, was nearing gale force, so Algy had to maintain a very firm grip on the rock to prevent himself from being hurled into the ocean.

If you are visiting the West Highlands of Scotland (or live in the area) and would like to meet Algy’s assistant, please come along on Sunday 16th August – you can find more details about the book signing event on Facebook 🙂

For fluffy birds who love the sea, the lighthouse rocks provide a wonderful afternoon’s entertainment. Algy loves to perch near the water and watch the waves that have travelled in from the Atlantic Ocean surge over the rocks and crash all around him. But it’s necessary to be extremely wary – not to mention aware of the tides – and make sure that you have eyes in the back of your head…

( Note to those who may be concerned: on this occasion, Algy had the sense to fly off to a safer spot just in time! )