Sea Thrift


Algy was hopping about here and there beside the sea, engaging in that popular Scottish pastime of trying to find a wee sheltered spot out of the wind, when he suddenly noticed a startling patch of pink among the lichen-covered rocks at the side of the beach.

Flying over to the place excitedly, he was thrilled to discover that the first thrift flowers of the spring were blooming merrily in the sunshine just a storm-wave’s length from the sea. Amazed that the plant could manage to survive in such a harsh and salty environment, Algy thanked it kindly for brightening up the rocks beside his home and bringing a happy smile to his face 🙂


The wind on the west side of the lighthouse was bitterly cold, and Algy quickly sought shelter under an overhang of the massive rocks. He was happy to discover a patch of bright yellow lichen to blend in with his hair, but he had a wee bit of bother trying to find camouflage for his fluffy white feathers 🙂