Algy flew across the bay to the north end of the beach, to a spot where the rocks formed natural breakwaters with wee clefts in them. He perched beside a large, shallow rock pool, on a convenient stone seat beside one of these clefts, and watched in fascination as the water poured through into the pool, whenever one of the larger waves washed up against the rocks.


It was officially the last day of summer, and although summer in the West Highlands is not quite as it might be understood in other places, Algy felt that he ought to mark the occasion in some way. So he found himself a sunny perch on a rock very close to the water’s edge, and waited for the tide to wash in and tickle his toes.

Algy hopes that you will all have had an opportunity to dangle your toes in the water this summer – perhaps in a lake or pool, if not actually in the great Atlantic Ocean :))