Many of Algy’s Tumblr friends know telescopical – the wonder blog that reblogs our original work to tens of thousands of people who would not otherwise see it. And very, very many of us here on Tumblr are profoundly grateful for telescopical’s amazingly warm-hearted support, endless encouragement and constant reblogs.

In reality, telescopical is Kara, and today is Kara’s birthday. So Algy sat on a rock and sang “Happy Birthday” to Kara as loudly as he could, hoping that his voice would carry all the way across the wide ocean to Canada. Dear Kara, may your future be forever bright with a constantly glowing light on the horizon, and may every day sparkle and shine for you, like the reflections on the water that Algy loves so much. Have a wonderful birthday, Kara, and a truly wonderful life xoxo


Lots of Algy’s friends and followers on Tumblr have been especially kind to him recently. This makes Algy feel very happy and warm underneath his bedgraggled feathers, despite the horrible November weather. Algy is blowing kisses to you all in the rain xxxxx

Algy sends special greetings to all his new followers, and his love and heartfelt thanks to all those loyal friends who have been following his Adventures for a while. Thank you all for your kindness, your “hearts”, your lovely notes and your messages – it truly is you who make Algy’s Adventures worthwhile 🙂

And Algy sends extra kisses and a rather soggy fluffy hug to his new friend Kara of telescopical, not only for reblogging Algy’s posts and introducing him to new friends, but above all for being the “stranger who cares”, and for all the time and energy she devotes to helping other people on Tumblr, especially young people in distress. Algy loves you for that, Kara xx