Algy always listens to his friends’ advice :))

So he asked his assistant if she could please knit him a hat, and without delay, because the weather continued very chilly. But Algy’s assistant said that she didn’t think that she could knit that fast, and in any case she was a wee bit busy… assisting him.

Algy’s assistant was quite a kind-hearted human, however – as humans go, that is – so she searched around in the various nooks and crannies of her house, and managed to find him a nice wee Tam o’ Shanter. Algy was absolutely thrilled – what with his wee tartan shawl and his Tam, he had never felt so well-dressed before!

And so now Algy says “In freezing temperatures, be sure to wear a hat!” :)))

Snow rarely lasts very long at low altidudes in the coastal areas of the West Highlands, and by Monday morning most of it had vanished. But the weather had turned colder, and when Algy passed by the peat bogs he was fascinated to discover that something strange had happened to the normally dangerous pools. He wondered whether he could get some ice skates to fit his fluffy feet…