Banana Splits, Anyone?


And, in due course, the moment which all Algy’s guests had been waiting for finally arrived…

There are banana splits for all Algy’s friends at Algy’s birthday party – with homemade vanilla ice cream, fresh banana and mango, dark chocolate and pecan nuts…

If you haven’t joined Algy’s Amazing Tumblr Birthday Party yet, hurry on over to – you’re not too late 🙂


The afternoon light was fading fast and it was beginning to get dark, so Algy decided it was high time for refreshments… A crowd of furry and fluffy friends gathered round to watch Algy’s birthday candles burn down, eagerly waiting for the homemade chocolate brownies (with cherries!) and banana splits to be served 🙂

There’s plenty of cake and ice cream for all, so if you haven’t joined Algy’s party yet, hurry on over to @lovefromalgy – everybody is having a wonderful time!

And for those kind friends who were wondering, it’s not too late to join in, as the party is set to run long into the night 🙂 Just use the lovefromalgy submission form or send Algy a link to a post on your blog.

Algy is now serving fizzy drinks and delicious home-made vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, in the refreshment area under the Christmas tree, to the creatures who need a wee break from the dancing at Algy’s Golden Heart Book Launch Ceilidh…

If you haven’t already joined in the fun, hurry on over to Algy’s sideblog @lovefromalgy, where there is music and dancing and fireworks… and real home-made ice cream!

With Italian wafers 🙂

This is the West Highlands of Scotland… everyone is welcome here…

Fancy a dance or a wee refreshment break?


– Algy and his assistant wish all you wonderful people at imiging a very happy 2nd birthday, and Algy sends you lots of very fluffy birthday hugs xoxo

This GIF is from Algy’s own 2nd Tumblr birthday party – and you will notice that for the theme of “two” there are two delicious homemade banana splits, with real homemade ice cream… You will have to share them out between you, but there are also plenty of homemade chocolate brownies 🙂

Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns Imiging!

Photograph and Gif by Algy and his assistant Jenny Chapman (the excellent cook of those delicacies )

Club imiging Member

2-day is challenge day! December 22 & 23 – imiging’s 2nd birthday –

This Gif and those delicacies were cooked for the amazing challenge (key word 2) for the celebration of the second birthday of imiging.

Algy is delighted to wish @imiging a very Happy 2nd Tumblr Birthday, and he is thrilled to be the only (so far as he knows) truly fluffy Club imiging Member 🙂


Algy and his friends were utterly amazed and overwhelmed by your fantastic response to his 2nd Tumblr birthday on 13th March. Your huge numbers of comments, notes, messages and fabulous contributions made it a very special day indeed. As some of Algy’s American Tumblr friends say, “YOU TOTALLY ROCK!” :))))  Algy loves you all ❤

And for those who are late in arriving at Algy’s party – who have travelled a very long distance, or got lost on the way – please don’t worry, there is still plenty of ice cream and cake left, and he will save some especially for you :))

Algy sends you all the fluffiest possible hugs, and wishes you all a truly wonderful, happy weekend xoxoxoxo