Happy 3rd Birthday to you!
Happy 3rd Birthday to you!
Happy 3rd Birthday dear PWS,
Happy 3rd Birthday to you!

Dear friends at PWS, Algy sends you his fluffiest congratulations on your 3rd Tumblr birthday and his warmest thanks for all the amazing work you have done over the past three years to promote and support the photographers (and fluffy birds) on Tumblr, and to brighten up all our lives. Algy is looking forward to many more years of PWS :)))

Algy managed to rescue three slightly battered gladioli from the storms in time for your birthday, although they are a wee bit damaged by the wind and the rain. He hopes you like them.

Lots of extra fluffy hugs to you all, with love from Algy @adventuresofalgy xoxoxo

And the fluffiest hugs to the probably most famous bird on Tumblr. Thank you and Jenny @jennychapmanartwork for making our Tumblr experience wonderful and magical! And thank you for your most wonderful words and this beautiful submission!

PWS – Photos Worth Seeing

It’s PWS @photosworthseeing 3rd Tumblr birthday today! Let’s all celebrate and thank the wonderful team who work so hard to promote original photography on Tumblr 🙂


Algy got a wonderful surprise when the postbird passed by today – a gorgeous postcard had flown all the way from Salzburg, just for him! It had come from his very kind friends bk-fundstuecke and hedminreg – and the little pink pony 🙂 Algy immediately fetched the little black teddy who knew those friends so well, and together they perched in the hydrangea bush and read all about Salzburg. Algy would love to visit that beautiful city himself one day!

Algy sends lots and lots of extra fluffy hugs to his very kind and thoughtful friends, and says “Thank you very much indeed! It was so sweet of you to think of me, you really made my day.” xoxoxo

There were still some bumble bees buzzing around the last of the summer flowers, so Algy decided to conceal himself in a hydrangea bush in order to get a closer view of his fuzzy friends.

Listen to the sounds of the bees buzzing around Algy.

As he watched a pretty bee going round and round in front of his beak, Algy reflected on the recent upsurge in the number of his Tumblr followers. He guessed that his Adventures had been featured as a “Recommended Blog” for a couple of weeks, although he really wasn’t quite sure. In any case, everything had returned to normal now, except that he had lots of lovely new followers. If you have started following Algy’s Adventures very recently, Algy thanks you kindly, and offers you a warm and very fluffy welcome. He hopes that you will stay in his world awhile :-))

Algy couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to become really famous, and he was inevitably reminded of Emily Dickinson’s short poem:

          Fame is a bee.
          It has a song—
          It has a sting—
          Ah, too, it has a wing.

This post is dedicated to the mysterious Tumblr god(s) who helped Algy find so many new followers, and also to his special Tumblr friend in Australia veganmarley who loves every kind of creature and wants to know more about the West Highland bumble bees xoxo

[Algy is quoting the poem Fame is a bee (1788) by the 19th century American poet Emily Dickinson.]

Algy has been surprised and very touched by the wonderful “Welcome back!” which he has received in the past 24 hours from so many of his kind Tumblr friends. He had no idea that his absence would be noticed by so many people – and he is very sorry that he was away for so long. Algy may not be able to thank each one of you personally, so please accept some of these pretty flowers with his heartfelt thanks, and of course lots of fluffy hugs for you all xoxoxo

Algy is so happy to be back :)))

[In fact, Algy’s assistant’s computing facilities are not yet fully restored, but with luck everything should return to normal very soon now.]