Announcing Algy’s Fluffy Valentine’s Party!

Saturday 14th February 2015 on Algy’s sideblog lovefromalgy

Will you be alone on Valentine’s day, or just in need of some fluffy company? Worried that no-one will send you a Valentine? Algy has the answer :)) Be Algy’s Valentine, and join his “Hearts and Flowers” Fluffy Valentine’s Day Party – all day on Saturday 14th February.

Join Algy’s party with your own fluffy Valentine’s Day photos or artwork – images must be fluffy, sweet or romantic, and suitable for fluffy birds of all ages – hearts and flowers are encouraged ❤ ❤ And of course Algy will make his own fluffy Valentine’s Day contributions too 🙂

Please use the lovefromalgy submissions page – or post your own image and send Algy a link to reblog.

Algy says “Let’s all have a happy Valentine’s Day this year.” xoxo