Algy was fed up with falling out of trees in gales, and in view of the fact that his adventures were being featured on galeriedesartsvisuels today, and it was also supposedly the first day of spring, he felt that he had a jolly good excuse to do a Happy Dance. His friend Fern qbnscholar had posted a tempting rumba track on his blog earlier in the day, so Algy decided to practise his rumba… with a few fluffy embellishments here and there. He did his best to get the steps right, but on the windy top of a rock it was a wee bit tricky, and he couldn’t help wondering whether it wasn’t more of a Cha-cha-cha in the event…

Happy Spring everybody (in the northern hemisphere) – Algy hopes that you will all practise your Happy Dances over the weekend :))


Algy – and his assistant – are thrilled and honoured to be featured today on the wonderful Galerie des Arts Visuels galeriedesartsvisuels. This may perhaps be the first time that a fluffy bird has received such recognition 🙂

Many thanks and some very special fluffy hugs to Hubertus and Amber – not only for choosing Algy’s Adventures today, but for all the work they do in presenting this fascinating and unusual curatorial blog. If you are not yet following galeriedesartsvisuels, Algy recommends that you do so without delay 🙂  You will discover many Tumblr artists that you may not have been aware of. Thank you very much, my friends xoxo