Today Algy received a wonderful surprise in his Tumblr mail. He was so excited! No-one had ever made any kind of picture specially for him before, never mind a picture with him in it! He practised looking like his portrait …

He sends lots and lots of fluffy thanks to Hanna, his lovely new friend at monster-hugs who sent Algy his own little monster in this picture, specially for him to hug. Thank you, thank you, thank you xxx

Algy would also like to thank all his other new Tumblr friends, young and old, for following his Adventures and for “liking” them. Thank you all very much indeed! Algy sends you all fluffy hugs, and hopes that you will be kind to your own monsters and hug them frequently 🙂


Algy discovered that sitting on the hard, cold rock became rather uncomfortable after a while, so he found himself a much softer seat, although admittedly it also seemed to be much damper and stickier. Just as in Longfellow’s poem, large masses of seaweed had recently found repose on the beach:

          When descends on the Atlantic
                 The gigantic
          Storm-wind of the equinox,
          Landward in his wrath he scourges
                 The toiling surges,
          Laden with seaweed from the rocks:

          From Bermuda’s reefs; from edges
                Of sunken ledges,
          In some far-off, bright Azore;
          From Bahama, and the dashing,
          Surges of San Salvador;

          From the tumbling surf, that buries
                The Orkneyan skerries,
          Answering the hoarse Hebrides;
          And from wrecks of ships, and drifting
                Spars, uplifting
         On the desolate, rainy seas; —

         Ever drifting, drifting, drifting
                On the shifting
         Currents of the restless main;
         Till in sheltered coves, and reaches
               Of sandy beaches,
         All have found repose again.

[Algy is quoting from Seaweed, a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.]

Algy decided to move onto the rocks for a spot of chilly sunbathing. The amazing colours of the water in the bay reminded him of a poem he used to love when he was just a wee chick, except that here the jewels were in the sea itself:

            Stately Spanish galleon coming from the Isthmus,
            Dipping through the Tropics by the palm-green shores,
            With a cargo of diamonds,
            Emeralds, amythysts,
            Topazes, and cinnamon, and gold moidores.

[Algy is quoting the middle verse of the poem Cargoes by John Masefield.]

Algy’s Easter Ditty

Algy was so thrilled with his very special Easter egg that he felt compelled to write an instant ditty to thank the Easter Bunny:

Oh chickie, you’re so pretty,
I must quickly write a ditty,
So that I can tell the other birds
A new friend’s come to stay.
Now you are here I know it’s spring,
It makes me want to dance and sing,
I love the way you hop about
And cheep throughout the day.

Oh thank you, Easter Bunny!
Though your antics may be funny,
For the egg you bring is special
With a magic gift inside;
Its shell is painted brightly,
But within a chick pecks lightly,
Till it jumps out with a happy chirp
To say “It’s Eastertide!”

Happy Easter everyone!

[ © 2013 This ditty is original copyright material, but you are welcome to share it on Tumblr providing you credit the original and link back to Algy’s Adventures.]

Happy Easter!


The Easter Bunny brought Algy a very special Easter egg, and told him that he could keep on opening it for as long as he wanted to, providing that he put it back together again each time 🙂

Algy wishes all his friends everywhere a very Happy Easter, and hopes that you will all have a lovely, sunny, happy day xoxo

Algy heard a distinctive sound overhead so he immediately looked up at the sky. Some of his friends were leaving, which always made him feel rather sad. He bid them a fond farewell, and hoped that they would have a safe journey and return to see him when the days grew shorter again.

Algy felt in need of a more appreciative audience for his ditties, so he gathered some of the local residents together, and found a soft perch in a more prominent position than before. To his surprise, the goose responded much more enthusiastically when there were additional spectators present.

A Special Announcement on World Poetry Day

Today is World Poetry Day 2013, so Algy would like to take this opportunity to make a very special announcement:

Algy loves good poetry,
He often quotes a verse,
But frequently the poets mourn
For those who’ve gone, or love forlorn,
Or something even worse.

A dreary poem makes you glum,
A sad one will bring tears,
So very few will brighten life
Or help you with the stress and strife
Through all these weary years.

So Algy said: It seems to me
That what you really need
Is a poet with a happy rhyme
To help you have a better time
Whenever you may read.
I think that I’ll write ditties
To help the world along;
Some of them will be absurd,
They’re just the ramblings of a bird,
But each will be a song.

So please tell all the children –
Every little girl and boy –
I’ll make them rhymes to bring a smile
And occupy them for a while
With merriment and joy.

I may not write a weighty tome,
I’m just a fluffy lad,
But I’ll sing a silly song to you
And help you laugh the whole day through
Instead of feeling sad.

So smile now with happy thoughts
And have a merry day;
The flowers are waving in the breeze,
The birds are singing in the trees,
It’s meant to be that way 🙂

Algy is delighted to announce that – providing his assistant works as hard as he wants her to – his first book of original verse for children will be published in late spring or early summer 2013.

[ © 2013 This poem is original copyright material, but you are welcome to share it on Tumblr providing you credit the original and link back to Algy’s Adventures.]