A Fluffy Bird Prayer…


Algy perched in a wild rose bush and gazed at the pretty flowers, which surrounded him with a delicate but lovely perfume in the cool, damp mist.

Many terrible things had been happening in Britain recently, as well as in other parts of the world, and although Algy’s home is far removed from the places in which they occurred, Algy had been as much affected by all the dreadful news as everyone else. So he bowed his head quietly and said a fluffy bird prayer for all the poor people caught up in the horror of the fires, terrorism, and acts of violence and war, both at home and abroad, and he sends everyone lots of very special extra fluffy hugs today xoxoxo


Algy knows that in the human world of trouble and strife some times are darker and more forbidding than others, and at present things are looking particularly grim and menacing, to the extent that many of Algy’s friends feel as though they are stranded on a dismal rock, with the deep, dark waters surging all around and threatening to engulf them.

When Algy is stranded on such a rock, he remembers that although he may feel helpless, the rock that he clings to is strong, so he turns his gaze to the open sky, lets the wind blow freely through his feathers so that they remain fluffy, and thinks of the amazing kindness of all his good friends, not only to himself, but to each other – a kindness which he sees on Tumblr every single day 🙂

So Algy is thinking of you all – especially his good friends in America, and all those people, anywhere in the world, who are threatened by the current state of affairs in the USA – and he sends you all lots of especially fluffy hugs, to help you hold fast to your own rocks, stay strong, and resist the threats of the dark waters which surge around you xoxo

When Algy woke the next morning, he found that the Scotch mist had descended again, and it was even darker and gloomier than before, and exceedingly damp.

The forecasters were saying that a big storm was on its way, but for the moment it was calm, although very dreich and dismal. Algy decided that in conditions such as these, more hugs were needed, so he took his little blue monster out to see the daffodils emerging from the ground, and gave it a great big fluffy hug 🙂

Have you hugged your monster today? Algy sends lots of extra fluffy hugs to all those who may be in need of extra hugs today xoxo

Algy’s monster was sent to him by @monster-hugs some years ago, and travelled thousands of miles around the world, just to keep him company and give him someone extra to hug 🙂

Algy is reposting this image for all his good friends in the USA and around the world who are feeling shock, despair and depression today.

No matter how things may seem in dark times, Algy knows that the majority of human creatures are good and kind. He has seen so many posts already today from the wonderful Tumblr community he shares – some are frightened, some despairing, some shocked, and some simply promoting hope and love. Algy sends you all lots of extra special fluffy hugs at this time. Even when things look dark, there must always be light too, and Algy sees a great deal of light in this wonderful community.

Be strong, stay safe, and remain in the light! Peace, love and fluffy hugs to you all xoxo



Algy heard that his special friends at PWS were celebrating their 2nd birthday – and he also heard that it was Oktoberfest time 🙂 So he got out the balloons in proper Oktoberfest style to help you celebrate your birthday. Algy thanks you all for your kindness, your wonderful support for his adventures (and Sunday Selfies!), and your Tumblr friendship over the past two years, and sends everyone at PWS lots of very special and exceedingly fluffy hugs. He hopes that PWS will go on for ever, as it’s his favourite photo reblogging site of all time xoxo


Yes, indeed, it’s Oktoberfest and one third of PWS actually (and obvioulsy) was there already. Thank you so very much for your more than lovely words and this beautiful submission! Lots of fluffy hugs!

PWS – Photos Worth Seeing

Algy is so happy to see that photosworthseeing are getting so many wonderful contributions and comments on this occasion of their 2nd birthday. He was glad that he was able to join in the fun 🙂

Sometimes Algy sits and thinks, and sometimes he just sits… 🙂 And very often, by the sea, he finds that thinking is uncalled for. There is more than enough to occupy the mind just watching the sea and listening to its sounds.

Some of Algy’s friends are facing sad challenges at the moment, with family members very ill or recently lost, and Algy dedicates this post – as well as the video clip which his assisant has just posted on her own blog – especially to those people. Algy hopes that the sight and sounds of the sea will help bring peace and calm into lives that are troubled or sad. He sends you all some very special fluffy hugs xoxo

Algy’s Fluffy Hugs Page

As most of his friends will know by now, Algy is currently running a crowdfunding campaign at Sponsume to help fund the costs of producing his forthcoming series of children’s books, Tales from The Adventures of Algy.

And today Algy finally managed to create the promised Fluffy Hugs page to thank all those wonderfully kind friends who have contributed to his campaign. Thank you all very much indeed! Algy has been overwhelmed by your kindness, your support and your encouragement xoxoxoxo

If your name – or that of your Tumblr blog – appears on the Fluffy Hugs page, and you would like it changed in any way, or removed, please be sure to let Algy know.

And if you are thinking of buying calendars, mugs or jigsaw puzzles for Christmas gifts, please be sure to order soon – especially if you live overseas – as Algy is already beginning to see delays in the post. If you are looking for a large calendar, you might like to know that Algy hopes to have some new stock by the end of this week.

Algy Apologises for the Interruption to his Adventures

Algy offers his sincere apologies to all his friends for this temporary interruption to his Adventures. The computer that Algy’s assistant uses for processing his adventures is failing without warning at increasingly frequent intervals and is no longer fit for purpose. Unfortunately it will have to be retired and replaced…

Algy would like to reassure you that the presentation of his Adventures will be resumed at normal frequency as soon as possible, and in the meantime Algy’s assistant will try to use an alternative machine whenever she can, so that Algy is not entirely absent from your screens.

Please don’t think that Algy has forgotten you – this is not the case at all :)) He is simply the innocent victim of a technical fault. He hopes that you will not forget him while his Adventures remain interrupted and sporadic.

By a strange twist of fate, this is Algy’s 500th post on Tumblr. It was supposed to be a celebratory post – but that will now have to wait until the 501st …

Algy sends you all extra fluffy hugs, just in case XOXOXO

In celebration of Father’s Day, Algy dedicates this field of Scottish Highland wildflowers to the many men among his followers. Algy is truly delighted that you follow his adventures, and thanks you all very much indeed for your kind attention to a fluffy bird 🙂 He hopes that you will all have a very happy day today.

If you are also a father, as he knows many of you are, Algy wishes you a very Happy Father’s Day!

Lots of fluffy hugs for you all :)))