The garden was full of beautiful rhododendrons and azaleas, in a dazzling array of colours which glowed in the bright spring sunshine. Algy was entranced, and he moved slowly round from one bush to another, inspecting each lovely flower as though he were a bee…


It was beginning to feel almost like spring at last, and as Algy explored his assistant’s garden he discovered a pretty patch of crocuses, which were gradually opening their flowers to bask in the long-awaited sunshine.

Algy dedicates this post to all his friends who are anxiously waiting for spring, and to his dear friend @vegandragons in the deep south of the world, who is not sure what crocuses look like xo


PWS – Selfie Sunday

This very special Valentine’s card is especially for all Algy’s wonderful friends at PWS, who do so much to make life on Tumblr so enjoyable and rewarding for all the rest of us!

Algy sends you all lots of surprisingly fluffy Valentine’s hugs and kisses xoxoxo


Thank you for your fluffy and vers special selfie submission! We love it!

PAFBWS – Photo(grapher)s And Fluffy Birds Worth Seeing

Algy wishes all his amazing Tumblr friends a very Happy Valentine’s Day – he loves you all and sends you all lots of surprisingly fluffy hugs xoxoxo

Algy has his own secret garden 🙂 And many of the plants are flowering late this year, with more varieties flowering together than usual, because it has been so very cold and wet, and everything is out of sync. It certainly has been an exceptionally odd spring and summer in the West Highlands of Scotland, but the result is undeniably pretty, and Algy loves to sit among the flowers and watch the meadow butterflies and other insects flitting about.

The weather was calm, but very, very wet. The world was blanketed in dense Scotch mist, and everything was dripping, dripping, dripping…

Algy flew into his assistants’ garden, to find some daffodils for all his friends at Easter time. Many flowers had been broken in the gales, and he started to collect them up carefully, but there were plenty still standing; it made Algy happy to see their pretty, wet heads nodding at him gently in the constant drizzle.

Algy hopes that you will all have a peaceful and happy Easter weekend and will find some lovely flowers, even if the weather is grey or cold or wet (or all three!) where you are too. Happy spring, everyone in the northern hemisphere! xoxo

Algy was carrying a large bouquet of flowers, to share with you all at his Fluffy Valentine’s Day Party today on lovefromalgy – but the bouquet was very heavy for a fluffy bird, so he was relieved to find a low branch to rest on for a wee while among the snowdrops.

Algy sends you all lots of love and fluffy hugs today, and invites you all to come to his party on lovefromalgy – or send your fluffy friends to join in the fun 🙂 There are lots of flowers for everyone, and always room for a few more if you have some to spare xoxo

Algy wanted all his friends to have flowers on Valentine’s Day, so he looked around to see what he could find. The snowdrops were flowering in his assistant’s garden, but he didn’t think it would be right to pick them. Inside the porch he found a broken hyacinth stem covered in fragrant pink flowers, so he lifted it carefully to give to his hyacinth-loving friends, such as funnyful 🙂 He still needed to find some more flowers though…

Algy will be holding his special Valentine’s Day party tomorrow on his sideblog lovefromalgy – to make quite sure that all his friends get flowers and fluffy hugs, and no-one is left out. Algy heard that some people didn’t approve of Valentine’s Day, but he thinks it’s an excellent opportunity to make sure that everyone knows that they are appreciated and loved – and that they all get some pretty flowers to brighten up the end of the winter!

So Algy says please forget about all the commercial nonsense – and don’t worry about romance… just join him tomorrow to share some love, flowers, and fluffiness 🙂

Submissions invited today and all day tomorrow – please use the lovefromalgy submission form – or send Algy a link to one of your own posts to reblog. Beautiful flowers and fluffy friends are especially welcome xoxo

Algy has been surprised and very touched by the wonderful “Welcome back!” which he has received in the past 24 hours from so many of his kind Tumblr friends. He had no idea that his absence would be noticed by so many people – and he is very sorry that he was away for so long. Algy may not be able to thank each one of you personally, so please accept some of these pretty flowers with his heartfelt thanks, and of course lots of fluffy hugs for you all xoxoxo

Algy is so happy to be back :)))

[In fact, Algy’s assistant’s computing facilities are not yet fully restored, but with luck everything should return to normal very soon now.]

Suddenly, there was a burst of vibrant colour in his friends’ West HIghland garden. Algy was intrigued by a large clump containing many tall spikes of red flowers. He climbed gently into the middle of the flowers and sniffed to see whether they had any perfume. A-tishoo! … A-tishoo! … Oh! The flowers smelled just like pepper!

Many of Algy’s Tumblr friends are fathers, so he wishes you all a very Happy Father’s Day, and sends you all fluffy hugs in case your children should happen to forget 🙂 He hopes you will all have a lovely day.

Most of all he sends a very special Father’s Day hug to his assitant’s father xxx

In the little book of haiku that Algy is reading among the flowers, it says:

          Even these long days
          are not nearly long enough
          for the skylarks to sing

[Algy is reading a classic haiku by the Japanese master Basho, in The Sound of Water, an anthology of haiku translated by the American poet Sam Hamill.]