Peace in Diversity


Algy found a damp perch in the cold sunshine, and studied his surroundings. He was intrigued by the diverse patterns and colours of the seaweed-covered rocks, and the ever changing wavelets on the sand, created by the constant trickling of the wee burn which was trying to find its way across the beach to the sea. It reminded him of all his friends in diverse places around the world, from many different cultures and countries – some in the sunshine and some in the darkness, some in the cities and some in the countryside, some struggling with problems in their lives and some flowing happily along…

Algy hopes that you will all have a happy and peaceful Easter holiday weekend, and he sends you all lots of very special fluffy hugs xoxoxo


Algy just loved the burn. It took on so many different characters as it made its way from the rocky hillsides through the peat bogs to the sea, and it was constantly on the move. Even in the depths of winter it sparkled and shone, bringing the colours and light of the sky into the deep shade of the wee ravines which it had carved out for itself over the centuries. When Algy perched on its banks he felt that he could happily sit there for years, just watching the flow of the water and listening to the constantly soothing sounds that it made.

Listen to the sounds of the burn as it passed beneath Algy’s bush.