Happy Easter!


It was Easter morning, and Algy woke in the temporary nest he had made among the paraphernalia of the fishermen’s pier to find that it was a beautiful, sunny day, although exceedingly chilly. Observing that the tide was going out, he decided to explore the world at the foot of the harbour wall, which was rapidly being revealed by the receding water. Several flights of ancient stone stairs led down the sides of the massive stone structures which held back the sea, and the lower steps were covered with slippery growths of sea vegetables. As Algy tried to hop down the steps one at a time he slid, bounced down several more stairs, and landed with a bump on his tail feathers. For a moment he was somewhat discomposed, but when he had recovered sufficiently to look around, he was astonished by what he saw among the mass of seaweed covering the lowest step…

Happy Easter everyone! Algy sends you all lots of very fluffy Easter hugs, and hopes you will find all some lovely surprises today xo


Happy Easter! Happy Spring!


Happy Easter!   Happy Spring!

When Algy went out on Easter morning, he met a very special friend… He hopes that a fluffy Easter Bunny will visit you too 🙂

Algy wishes you all a very happy time today, and sends you lots of extra special fluffy hugs xoxoxo

On Easter morning the sky was black and the rain was pouring down, sometimes mixed with large chunks of icy hail. Everything was awash, so Algy stayed under cover, impatiently waiting for a chance to go and search for Easter eggs. He wondered whether it was even possible for the Easter Bunny to bring eggs in such incredibly wet conditions…

Eventually, after many hours of watching the rain, Algy was delighted to see the sun burst through the clouds. He rushed out of the bushes and started flying here, there and everywhere, searching, searching, searching… Suddenly, he noticed a patch of unusual colour under a clump of daffodils, and dashed towards it. There was the bunny, relaxing on the sodden grass in the sunshine, and around him were several brightly-coloured eggs…

Algy wishes you all a very fluffy Happy Easter, and hopes that the Easter Bunny brought you something special today too xoxo

Much to everyone’s surprise, Easter Day dawned bright and sunny, with strange white mists swirling low around the hills and islands.

Algy hurried down to the sand dunes, to hear the spring exultation of larks, and was surprised to discover something most unusual hidden among the Marram grass…

Happy Easter everybody! xoxo

When Algy woke up the next day, it was Easter Sunday, and a beautiful bright, sunny day it was too! As he looked across the burn towards the other bank, he noticed that something rather unusual had happened in the night. Algy hurried over to investigate, and discovered a tiny chick which had just hatched out of an Easter egg. The wee chick seemed confused and uncertain how to proceed, finding itself suddenly in a strange new world, so Algy decided to teach it the Happy Dance without delay, and was very happy so see that the chick seemed to pick it up in no time…

Algy wishes a very Happy Easter to all his friends who celebrate Easter, and an exceptionally Happy Day to everyone! Algy says “Let’s all do the Happy Dance today!” :)))