Along the banks of the great sea loch, the Rosebay Willowherb was already starting to flower. Algy perched on a rock beside the bright flowers, and watched the mists lifting and swirling around the hills on the other side of the loch, as the sun tried to break through the gaps between the clouds.

Sometimes even Algy is overcome by the odds stacked against him. The wind was strong and, as it was low tide, the seaweed on the rocks was very slippery. It was all too much for Algy! Suddenly he found himself flat on his back. Although he was reminded of a song from one of his favourite old movies, he decided that for a wee while at least he would just lie there and watch the clouds rushing by overhead.

          Nothing’s impossible I have found,
          For when my chin is on the ground,
          I pick myself up,
          Dust myself off,
          Start all over again.

          Don’t lose your confidence if you slip,
          Be grateful for a pleasant trip,
          And pick yourself up,
          Dust yourself off,
          Start all over again.

          Work like a soul inspired,
          Till the battle of the day is won.
          You may be sick and tired,
          But you’ll be a man, my son!

          Will you remember the famous men,
          Who had to fall to rise again?
          So take a deep breath,
          Pick yourself up,
          Dust yourself off,
          Start all over again.

[Algy is thinking of the song Pick Yourself Up, written by Dorothy Fields and Jerome Kern for the 1936 Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers film Swingtime. You can watch a clip of Fred and Ginger performing the song or their complete dance that follows.]

The weather was a wee bit disappointing for the time of year, considering that it was the height of summer … Algy decided to go down to the jetty to see if anything was happening there, but all he found was a pile of empty creels. Resolutely, he fluffed up his feathers and held on tightly as the biting wind swept down the Sound behind him from the wild ocean beyond.

The weather was very mixed and decidedly cool, but for the moment at least it wasn’t raining. So Algy made his way to a local lookout point which has a fine view across the Sound of Mull. However, he got distracted by the wildflowers growing among the grasses, and didn’t notice the rainstorm approaching in the distance. “Behind you!!”

When the sun sank lower in the sky Algy woke up, refreshed by his afternoon nap by the burn. It was time to set off on the last stage of his journey home. He emerged from the glen and crossed the great sea loch via the seals’ islands, where he paused to bathe his feet in the water. The tide was high, so the seals were away out to sea, looking for their supper. Behind him, the evening sun caught the last remnants of snow on the mountains. It was a fine evening to be out and about.

Sometimes, on a fine day, Algy likes to visit one of the local tourist spots for fun. As he has already seen the view many times, Algy finds himself a good perch in a tree looking out the other way, and watches the visitors instead.

Algy especially hopes that this pretty scene will bring a little bit of sunshine and a smile into the lives of his friends who are suffering from depression. He wishes you all a happier day today xx