Sometimes, when Algy gazes up at the sky, he feels as though he is an exceedingly tiny fluffy bird, and the sky (not to mention the universe beyond) is incomprehensibly immense. But the more he looks at the sky, the more he becomes absorbed in all the beautiful patterns and colours of Cloudland, and very soon his heart is at ease, just as the poet suggested – especially if he is sitting by “the voiceful sea”:

          O! It is pleasant, with a heart at ease,   
             Just after sunset, or by moonlight skies,   
          To make the shifting clouds be what you please,   
             Or let the easily persuaded eyes   
          Own each quaint likeness issuing from the mould     
             Of a friend’s fancy; or with head bent low,   
          And cheek aslant, see rivers flow of gold   
             ‘Twixt crimson banks; and then, a traveller, go   
          From mount to mount, through Cloudland, gorgeous land!   
             Or list’ning to the tide, with closéd sight,
          Be that blind bard, who on the Chian strand   
             By those deep sounds possessed, with inward light   
          Beheld the Iliad and the Odyssey  
             Rise to the swelling of the voiceful sea.

[Algy is quoting the poem Fancy In Nubibus Or The Poet In The Clouds by the early 19th century English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge.]