Merry Christmas Everybody!

Merry Christmas everybody 🙂

Algy wishes you all a joyful and peaceful Christmas and sends you all lots of very fluffy Christmas hugs xoxo

Don’t forget to download Algy’s Christmas present to you all – a FREE copy of the Kindle edition of his new book The Magical Midwinter Star. Full details with links to all the Amazon pages for the book are in Algy’s previous Christmas post.


Merry Christmas ~ Happy Holidays !

Algy sends all his lovely Tumblr friends around the world many wingfuls of fluffy Christmas hugs from the West Highlands of Scotland, and wishes you a very happy and peaceful holiday weekend xoxo

And Algy has a present for you all – the Kindle ebook edition of his new book The Magical Midwinter Star is FREE TO DOWNLOAD ALL WEEKEND, 24th and 25th December. Suitable for children of all ages from 5 to 95 🙂 Don’t miss it if you would like some joyful and unique midwinter holiday reading, direct from the wild west coast of the Scottish Highlands…

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[The illustration by Jenny Chapman is from Chapter 8 of The Magical Midwinter Star.]

In Britain, December 26th is the traditional holiday of Boxing Day, when folk get together after the excitement of Christmas Day to rest and enjoy themselves playing games, going to the pantomime, and so on. So Algy joined his indoor friends for some fun and games under the Christmas tree, but he found the game of spillikins a wee bit more challenging for a fluffy bird than he had expected…

Happy Holidays everyone! Algy hopes you will all have a good rest and enjoy yourselves with your friends and family xoxo

Several hours passed and eventually, after much tussling with the decorations, Algy managed to get his assistant’s Christmas tree dressed just in time for Christmas Eve. He felt so happy when she finally flicked the switch and the tree came alive with twinkling sparkles everywhere :-))

Algy hopes that you are all feeling happy this evening, and sends lots and lots of festive fluffy hugs to you all xoxoxo

Merry Christmas everybody!

On Christmas Day, Algy was invited to his assistant’s house for a wee bite of Christmas pudding and some fun with the Christmas crackers…

Algy was delighted to find a pile of cards and presents waiting for him, which had been sent from overseas by his wonderful Tumblr friends around the world. Thank you all very much indeed! Your kindness and friendship is hugely appreciated :)))  Algy sends you all lots of very fluffy hugs xx

( Algy apologises for the poor image quality in this GIF. His assistant has had terrible trouble uploading this one, and reprocessed it dozens and dozens of times before finding a colour palette that would work. “Error uploading image"… Aaaarghhhh! )

When night fell, Algy woke up and found that he was no longer alone. Some of his little forest friends had seen the bright star shining on his Christmas tree, and had crept up quietly in the darkness to join him. They had brought him a very special present for Christmas Eve – a beautiful German tin full of spicy lebkuchen. Algy was astonished and thrilled, but he was even more surprised when he turned the lid to open the tin and heard the lovely melody of Stille Nacht!  It sounded so enchanting, tinkling softly in the depths of the forest with the wind rustling through the great trees in the background. Algy and his friends sat there spellbound, listening to the gentle music by the light of his Christmas tree star, while from time to time a few flakes of snow drifted down silently around them.

Listen to the sound of Algy’s musical tin, playing in the forest.

Algy and his friends wish you all peace and joy at Christmas time xx

Algy was so exhausted from his efforts the day before that he slept right through the few hours of daylight on Christmas Eve, and he was still dozing when it began to get dark again. But, while Algy slept, tiny shining eyes were watching from the forest, as Algy’s little Christmas tree experienced a magical transformation …

By the early afternoon, Algy had carried every one of his baubles to the forest, and had hung them all on his Christmas tree. Poor Algy was utterly exhausted! It was getting very chilly now, and a typical West Highland mixture of hail and sleet had started to fall, but Algy was too tired to care. Making sure that his feathers were well fluffed up, to keep out the cold and damp, he tucked himself under the shelter of his tree and quickly fell asleep, happy that he had managed to decorate the little tree in time for Christmas Eve.