Christmas Reading…


It was the first day of December, and the hours of daylight had grown very short indeed. Each new day dawned more slowly and reluctantly than the previous one now, but as soon as there was sufficient light Algy found himself a comfortable perch in a pine tree and settled down to read his very own Christmas-time story The Magical Midwinter Star to his little black teddy. The tiny bear was thrilled to hear the tale of Algy’s adventures through the harsh midwinter landscape of the West Highlands of Scotland, and he wondered whether Algy would indeed succeed in restoring the ancient tradition of a great midwinter celebration for all the creatures of the area, to bright light and joy back to the dismal depths of the dark and gloomy Scottish winter…

This third story in the series Tales from the Adventures of Algy makes perfect reading for the weeks leading up to Christmas – for children aged 7 to 10 and adults still young at heart. You can buy copies of The Magical Midwinter Star signed by Algy himself, direct from Algy’s own web shop, and add personal dedications in your own words. With FREE UK DELIVERY from now until Hogmanay.

Visit Algy’s own online bookshop to buy The Magical Midwinter Star and Algy’s other books – unique gifts and stocking fillers from the wild West Highlands of Scotland 🙂




Algy is delighted to
announce that you can now buy SIGNED COPIES of his books – with personal
dedications in your own choice of words – from his very own online bookshop on his own
web site. Here’s the link:

Algy’s Bookshop

A signed book with a personal dedication makes an ideal Christmas present for a child!

Algy’s first book “A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird” is ideal for children aged 7 to 10 to read for themselves, or as a bedtime story to be read to 5 and 6-year-olds.

Algy’s second book “The Tree with a Golden Heart” will be added to his shop when the paperback edition is published in December.

Books can be shipped to most countries of the world, but Algy has to charge for shipping costs as he can’t afford to pay them himself. So if you don’t want the book signed, it is likely to be cheaper to buy from Amazon or The Book Depository.

Algy’s books are in stock for immediate despatch 🙂

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Algy Receives Some Christmas Presents


Heavy sleet was falling outside, so Algy thought it best to open his Christmas presents indoors. He wasn’t really quite sure what all of them were for, so he consulted his wise new friend from Vancouver, who expressed a very definite opinion about the blue things. Despite his friend’s assurances, however, Algy still had some doubts …

With very special thanks to Stephanie XX

[Algy apologizes for publishing this GIF in a text post, but the photo upload facility isn’t working properly today.]