Algy wishes you all a merry, joyful and peaceful Christmas. He sends you all lots of surprisingly fluffy Christmas hugs xoxo


Several hours passed and eventually, after much tussling with the decorations, Algy managed to get his assistant’s Christmas tree dressed just in time for Christmas Eve. He felt so happy when she finally flicked the switch and the tree came alive with twinkling sparkles everywhere :-))

Algy hopes that you are all feeling happy this evening, and sends lots and lots of festive fluffy hugs to you all xoxoxo

Merry Christmas everybody!

It was Christmas Eve at last, and time to dress the Christmas tree. Algy started to get out all the pretty baubles and tinsel and things, but it wasn’t long before matters started to get a wee bit out of hand… or wing… It seemed to Algy that the decorations were much more interested in dressing him than the tree…

So Algy flew over to his assistant’s house, and offered to help with the Christmas decorations. As the weather was a wee bit brighter, Algy’s assistant suggested that perhaps he might like to sort out the tangled tinsel… outside in the garden. It sounded like a simple and pleasant job, but in the event it didn’t seem to be quite as straightforward as Algy had supposed…

If you are taking time off Tumblr over Christmas, Algy wishes you a very, very Happy Christmas – or a happy holiday time, if Christmas is not part of your culture xoxoxo

Algy will be online and on Tumblr throughout the holidays (electricity and telecomms permitting!), so if you would like to join him and share a fluffy bird’s Christmas, please stay tuned… :-)))

On Christmas Day, Algy was invited to his assistant’s house for a wee bite of Christmas pudding and some fun with the Christmas crackers…

Algy was delighted to find a pile of cards and presents waiting for him, which had been sent from overseas by his wonderful Tumblr friends around the world. Thank you all very much indeed! Your kindness and friendship is hugely appreciated :)))  Algy sends you all lots of very fluffy hugs xx

( Algy apologises for the poor image quality in this GIF. His assistant has had terrible trouble uploading this one, and reprocessed it dozens and dozens of times before finding a colour palette that would work. “Error uploading image"… Aaaarghhhh! )

When he investigated more closely, Algy was amazed to discover that the objects caught in the crevices of the rock were baubles. Some seemed to be made of a thick but transparent glass, and some had a shiny if rather weathered silver finish, which glinted and gleamed when they caught the light. So far as he could see, they were all intact, although worn in places of course, and each had an oddly-coloured scrap of fabric attached. Algy was so thrilled! If he could just manage to collect them up before the tide washed them away again, he would have his very own Christmas decorations …