Algy’s New Web Site

On this very exciting book launch day, Algy is happy to announce that he has created a web site of his own, to support his books and to provide resources for his younger readers who should not be encouraged to follow blogs here on Tumblr.

The new site is at

The site provides information, image and GIF galleries, and an online dictionary for readers of Algy’s books, especially to help young readers and readers whose first language is not English. The dictionary is not complete yet, but it should be up to date by the end of July.

All content on Algy’s own web site is suitable for children of all ages.

Enjoy 🙂

At this time of year the West Highland crofts are full of buttercups. Algy loves sunny yellow buttercups, and he especially likes holding them under his chin to see whether he likes butter… If you don’t know the children’s buttercup game, Algy suggests that you look it up 🙂

[These buttercups are particularly for Algy’s friend Bill in Denver.]