Long, long ago, and very far away, young Algy was perching on the rocks of a southern shore, dozing in the warm evening sunshine. As he gazed sleepily out to sea, he dreamed of a little girl on the other side of the world who loved fluffy animals and birds more than anything else except stories, and who would one day grow up to tell the tales of his adventures to the people of the future…

Many years passed… and then, one day, Algy received messages in his Tumblr mailbox from his friends nosealviewing, babalou71 and josepha-amarantine, all of which read: “THROWBACK THURSDAY: Find an old picture of yourself and post it up in this ask then pass this on to the next 10 blogs on your dash.”

Well, Algy couldn’t quite do exactly what was asked, as he had no assistant to take his picture in those long-ago days. But he hopes that maybe this will go some way towards satisfying the requirements of his friends – even though it’s no longer Thursday 🙂