How Long Before Spring?


Algy flew onwards to the shores of the quiet loch, which, owing to the bitter March wind, was a wee bit less calm than usual. He tucked himself down among the masses of dead bracken beside the shore, trying to ignore the spikes of the numerous bramble stems which wound their way mercilessly through the dry fronds. It was a fine morning, and the loch was unusually blue, but the colours surrounding it were still those of winter, with not a hint of green in sight. Algy wondered how long it would be before the landscape was transformed once again by the touch of spring…


Algy felt hungry after an evening watching fireworks in the cold and damp, so the next morning he went in search of blackberries. But alas, it was too late in the season, and the hungry fieldfares and redwings, who had recently arrived from countries even further north, had been there before him and stripped the bramble of all its fruits.

Algy hopes you will all have a very happy and healthy weekend, with as much fresh fruit as you would like to eat 🙂