Owing to an unusually fine, dry spell of weather in the West Highlands, the cherry blossom lasted much longer than it had in previous years, and it put on a splendid display. Algy was fascinated to discover that the flowers, which had started pure white, began to turn pink as the the days passed and the petals did not fall. He perched happily in the midst of the blossom, and under a sky almost as blue as that of California he sang a special fluffy version of “Happy Birthday” for his friend @qbn-scholar, who lives in that faraway land 🙂

Dear Fern, Algy hopes that you will have a wonderful birthday, and he sends you lots of beautiful cherry blossom and fluffy birthday hugs xoxo


Inside the big, dark shed, Mrs. Blackbird was sitting on the nest which her husband had built for her in the top of a wee basket on a shelf. Meanwhile, her husband sang all day long at the top of Algy’s tree, to make sure that everyone knew what a fine fellow he was. Algy flew up to join him, and to listen to the song.

Although the air was chilly, it was undoubtedly a beautiful day. High in the dazzling blue sky overhead, the skylarks were singing vigorously. Algy was uncertain of his ability to ascend into the heavens while he sang, but he felt sure that he could contribute to the exaltation from a safe perch in a tree –  providing nobody came along the road to disturb (or hear) him!