– Cotton grass is one of the more delightful features of the West Highland peat bogs, and Algy is fascinated by it every summer. He loves to sit among the fluffy seedheads and watch them blowing in the wind 🙂                                               Algy made this GIF today especially to celebrate imiging‘s exciting new monthly GIF feature. Algy loves photo-GIFs!

Photograph and Gif of The Adventures of Algy are made by Jenny Chapman

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This so charming GIF was especially made by our VIP imiging Club Member for the amazing imigif day n°11 curated by imigingSubmit your own creation to join the party next month. Let’s Gif today!

It’s cotton grass time again, and Algy loves to relax in one of the drier spots in the peat bogs, surrounded by the fragrance of the aromatic bog myrtle, just watching the fluffy seed heads blowing in the wind 🙂

Algy sends a big fluffy hug and his fluffiest thanks to his kind friends @imiging for featuring this GIF in their amazing imigif day earlier this month. He hopes that many more of his friends will join in the fun and create original GIFs from their photographs for the next imigif day on 1st July.