Algy knows that it is not easy for his wild cousins to find sufficient food in the winter, so he takes care to ensure that they get enough to eat 🙂

Algy hopes that all his friends in the cold parts of the world will feed his little cousins too, to help them survive the difficult winter months.



One of the illustrations from Algy’s new book, The Tree with a Golden Heart 🙂

This is especially dedicated to Algy’s friend @parenthese63 because she recently lost the tree in which the “rouge gorge” sang to her. So Algy asked me to send her this robin to sing 🙂

Algy likes this one, because the robin is singing to him 🙂

Listen to the seabirds calling in the shallows of the great sea loch at low tide – the sounds Algy heard on a sunny afternoon in July.

{The sound will be clearest through headphones or external speakers. Algy apologises for the background noise on this track – it was a wee bit windy again!}

This is what Algy heard while he was sitting in his tree late in the evening, watching the red deer in the gloaming. It may not seem very exciting to you, but in Britain this is a very rare sound these days, and Algy is privileged to be hearing it. (The background whooshing sound is not the wind, but the sound of the sea on the rocks in the distance.)

{Algy suggests that you increase the volume and listen through headphones or speakers for the best effect.}

As Algy chatted with the Blue Tit, the constant rush of the wind in the spruce trees sounded like a Highland burn tumbling down softly over a wee creag. In the distance, a crofter’s dog barked gently from time to time, while the other birds twittered to each other in the bushes …