Algy has his very own rock garden, just a stone’s throw from his
nest. It lies between the cliff face and the sea, and it’s full of
flowers and low shrubby bushes which grow all higgledy-piggledy among
the rocks. It is not much to look at in the cold, dark months, when the Atlantic storms batter the
coast, but in the late summer and very early
autumn it is in its glory, with beautiful ling and bell heather to
tempt the bees and other insects with the fragrance of honey, and many
late-flowering wildflowers, most of them in shades of purple or
creamy-white. Green mosses and ferns grow in the deep, dank hollows
between the rocks, and along the concealed burn which runs down to the
sea there is a large swathe of aromatic bog myrtle. It’s a beautiful
spot, and if the weather should happen to be fine, Algy spends many
happy hours among the flowers in his garden, inhaling the fragrance and
admiring the view.

Algy wishes you all a happy Sunday afternoon and evening  xoxo


It was a gorgeous, calm autumn day – perhaps the last comfortably warm day of the year – and Algy had settled himself down in a cozy patch of bell heather on the headland, intending to enjoy a pleasant afternoon’s siesta in the sunshine. All of a sudden, a flock of wee chattering birds passed overhead, laughing and calling out to each other “Algy’s on the Radar!”, “Algy’s on the Radar!”, “Algy’s on Tumblr Radar and he’s dozing in the heather!!” Algy woke up with a start and gasped in astonishment…

When he had gathered his wits about him, Algy hurried off to find his assistant. She confirmed that while he thought he had been dozing lazily in the sun, he had actually been appearing on the Tumblr Radar, eating cotoneaster berries! What an amazingly exciting time Algy is having at the moment!!

Algy wants to thank all those very kind friends who wrote to congratulate him on his Radar appearance – thank you very much indeed, and the fluffiest of hugs for you all – and for the mysterious Tumblr gods too, of course! xoxo