While Algy was surveying the beach from his temporary nest on the dunes, he noticed that there seemed to be some sparkling things caught in a crevice in one of the rocks, with brightly coloured bits of stuff attached. He couldn’t make out what these objects were from a distance, but he was quite certain that they were not the usual rock pool creatures. So he hurried over to find out what these strange things might be, before the tide came back in and washed them away again …


Algy knew that although the big winter storms could be dangerous and frightening, they also brought treasures to his remote corner of the West Highlands. Many strange and unusual things were tossed up onto the shore by the pounding waves, and others swept in on the backs of the great winds, from all the corners of the world. So, when Algy indulged in a wee bit of beachcombing after the storm, he was only mildly surprised to discover a mysterious photo card which had flown across the ocean, all the way from Kentucky….

Thank you Jerry – your images are not “ordinary” at all!