Happy Birthday, Algy!


Happy Birthday Algy !!!

The morning of Algy’s birthday was rather dull and damp, and the Scotch mist was hovering over the hills, threatening to make the world a great deal damper, but Algy didn’t care. It was his birthday, and time to celebrate…

As all his friends know, Algy is a mature and discerning fluffy bird who delights in reading poetry, but he also loves toys, so he was thrilled to find many colourful and silly things to play with among his birthday gifts 🙂

Algy sends you all lots of very fluffy hugs, and invites you all to join his joyful birthday celebrations over on his sideblog @lovefromalgy xoxo


It’s Time for Cake!

It’s time for cake!

Algy’s furry and fluffy friends all gathered round to watch the candles on Algy’s special chocolate brownie birthday cake, waiting for them to burn down so they could start eating the cake 🙂

It may look like just a wee silly cake to you, perhaps, but Algy can assure you that there is enough for all his friends, all around the world 🙂 Would you care for some cake?

Happy 5th Tumblr Birthday Algy!

Algy is holding a very special Tumblr birthday party TODAY on his sideblog @lovefromalgy​.

He has already received lots and lots of wonderful contributions and messages from his amazing Tumblr friends – in fact, he has received so many that the party will be continuing for many hours yet!

So Algy hopes that you will all join in the celebrations and submit your own images to share with all Algy’s Tumblr friends 🙂




Algy heard that his special friends at PWS were celebrating their 2nd birthday – and he also heard that it was Oktoberfest time 🙂 So he got out the balloons in proper Oktoberfest style to help you celebrate your birthday. Algy thanks you all for your kindness, your wonderful support for his adventures (and Sunday Selfies!), and your Tumblr friendship over the past two years, and sends everyone at PWS lots of very special and exceedingly fluffy hugs. He hopes that PWS will go on for ever, as it’s his favourite photo reblogging site of all time xoxo


Yes, indeed, it’s Oktoberfest and one third of PWS actually (and obvioulsy) was there already. Thank you so very much for your more than lovely words and this beautiful submission! Lots of fluffy hugs!

PWS – Photos Worth Seeing

Algy is so happy to see that photosworthseeing are getting so many wonderful contributions and comments on this occasion of their 2nd birthday. He was glad that he was able to join in the fun 🙂

The next day dawned even greyer than the day before, but Algy didn’t care! He had been enjoying the fluffiest and most wonderful Tumblr party imaginable and – to top it all – he had reached the target in his crowdfunding campaign during the party! It was without a doubt the most Surprisingly Fluffy Party!

As soon as it was light again – or as light as it was likely to get on such a day – Algy leaped into the air to perform a Happy Balloon Dance of Joy :))) What else could he possibly do?

And it is YOU – Algy’s amazing friends – who have made all of this possible. Algy sends you all his fluffiest possible thanks, and an ENORMOUS number of fluffy hugs xoxoxoxoxo

Every single contribution of any kind to Algy’s campaign has made a difference to its success. The smallest financial contributions and the largest and all those in between… and every single reblog of his campaign posts or promotion on other social media platforms… and every single kind message of good luck and encouragement when Algy was feeling low… every one of these things has contributed to the fact that Algy managed to reach his funding target.

Algy has no wish to bother you again with appeals for financial help, but here’s a special message for anyone who really does want a signed copy of the paperback or hardback edition of his first book, which is due to be published in late March/April:

No further signed copies of Algy’s first book will be offered after the campaign closes, so if you really would like a signed copy, PLEASE BE SURE TO ORDER IT AT SPONSUME NOW!

The campaign officially closes on the afternoon of Wednesday 7th January (Scottish time) but Algy doesn’t quite trust Sponsume timekeeping, so please assume that it closes at the end of TOMORROW, your time – i.e. at the end of Tuesday 6th January.

(Algy apologises for the poor image quality of this GIF – photographic and weather conditions were a wee bit tricky…)


Luckily Algy managed to untangle his balloons from the tree, as he was very keen to offer balloon rides to his friends. But balloon rides in the West Highlands are perhaps only suited to the the most intrepid and daring party guests…

You are all invited to join Algy’s Suprisingly Fluffy Party – and balloon rides are not compulsory! Submit a surprisingly fluffy photo through the lovefromalgy submission form any time today or send Algy a link to reblog.

Don’t miss Algy’s Surprisingly Fluffy Party on lovefromalgy today – all day and well into the night (Scottish time)…


Algy’s balloons were stuck in a tree… He couldn’t quite reach them, and it was nearly time for his fluffy party to celebrate the finale of his crowdfunding campaign to publish his series of children’s books Tales from The Adventures of Algy...

And Algy’s crowdfunding campaign was stuck just beneath it’s target… and it was nearly time for the campaign to close…

Algy needs your help to free his balloons and reach his target… can he count on you?

Are you going to help Algy??

This is the very last weekend of Algy’s campaign, which closes in a few days’ time. He’s nearly there…will you be a part of this exciting project and help Algy reach his target?

This is your last chance to be part of Algy’s unique project.

And this is your last chance to acquire a signed copy of Algy’s first book “A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird” (due to be published in late March/April), or art prints and prints of the illustrations at a discounted price, or – for surprisingly fluffy sponsors – A Surprisingly Fluffy Book, with an exclusive and unique fluffy cover.

N.B. No further signed copies of the book will be offered after the campaign closes, so if you would like a signed copy, ORDER IT NOW!

The Surprisingly Fluffy Book, for collectors, is also exclusive to this campaign and will not be offered again. Only five will ever be made…

Some of Algy’s merchandise is also still available, and of course donations are always welcome :))

So head on over to Algy’s Sponsume page before it’s too late, and be a part of this unique project! Every contribution counts!

And to all those who have already contributed and become a part of Algy’s project, Algy sends a million fluffy hugs – check out Algy’s Fluffy Hugs page to see the full list of wonderful backers xoxoxo

Algy was very busy trying to make preparations for his surprisingly fluffy party on Sunday, but he was experiencing a wee bit of balloon trouble in the gusty wind…

Please don’t forget to submit your own surprisingly fluffy images for Algy’s party on Sunday 4th January – or send Algy a link to an image to reblog on lovefromalgy. You are all invited xoxo And Algy says please be sure to enter the giveaway prize draws, because he wants to pull names out of a hat :)))

Check out the full details of the party

If you are too busy to do anything before then, submissions will remain open all through Sunday, during the party :)) Please join Algy on lovefromalgy on Sunday – everyone is welcome!

It was Hogmanay at last, and Algy was trying to blow up balloons for his New Year’s Eve celebrations, but fluffy birds are perhaps not very well adapted to this particular task…

If you live in a part of the world where it is already 2015, Algy wishes you the fluffiest possible New Year xoxoxo

If you live nearer Algy’s own home or in the massive continents of the Americas, please join Algy at midnight GMT to celebrate the coming of the New Year :))

Algy had gathered some flowers and made a very special bunch of balloons to give to Jenny’s mother on Mother’s Day, but the journey to deliver them was such a long one, and the mossy grass beside the loch looked so nice and soft …

Algy hopes that mothers everywhere will have a very happy day today 🙂

[In the UK and Ireland, Mother’s Day is celebrated on Mothering Sunday, a moveable feast which falls on the 4th Sunday in Lent.]