A little bird told Algy that today is the birthday of his very good friend Pete, aka tvoom and thevortexofourminds – who is also known, of course, for his wonderful work with photosworthseeing

Algy had heard that some people like to take balloon rides on their birthdays, so he reworked this GIF especially for his friend Pete – just in case – and says “hold very tight, please!”. Dear Pete, Algy hopes you have a truly wonderful day. He sends you lots of surprisingly fluffy special birthday hugs and wishes you alles Gute zum Geburtstag  xoxo



Luckily Algy managed to untangle his balloons from the tree, as he was very keen to offer balloon rides to his friends. But balloon rides in the West Highlands are perhaps only suited to the the most intrepid and daring party guests…

You are all invited to join Algy’s Suprisingly Fluffy Party – and balloon rides are not compulsory! Submit a surprisingly fluffy photo through the lovefromalgy submission form any time today or send Algy a link to reblog.

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