This is the sound which Algy heard as he perched on a wee rock in a moorland burn on a beautiful November Sunday afternoon.

Listen to the roaring sound of the waterfall that filled Algy’s ears as he perched on an old fence post by the rushing burn in the glen.

This is the sound that Algy heard as he perched on the mossy log which had fallen across the wee burn in the woods.

When Algy perches in his tree on a spring evening in May or June, watching the ever-changing colours of the sky as the sun sinks into the sea, these are the sounds that he hears…

On this occasion it was also raining gently – you can just hear the pitter-patter in the background.

This is the wonderful sound of the sea on the rocks which Algy heard while he was waiting for the tide to come in and wash his sandcastle away.

This is a birthday treat for Algy’s friends, but especially for those, like Kara telescopical, who have never heard the sea in reality. This recording scarcely begins to convey the wonder of it, but Algy hopes that one day you will hear the sea for yourselves 🙂

Algy’s miniature waterfall makes a constant, gentle trickling sound as it falls down vertically like a delicate curtain in front of the tiny cave, and runs onward down the hillside, through the ferns and grasses.

This is the sound that was heard in the depths of the forest when Algy turned the lid of the lovely German tin which his friends had brought him on Christmas Eve.