Algy had been looking at many beach photos posted by his friends on Tumblr recently, so when the sun decided to honour the West Highlands with its presence for one day, Algy knew exactly what to do. He hurried down to the beach, and stretched himself out luxuriously on the warm sand. He had to admit that it didn’t look quite like the photos of the Mediterranean and other seaside resorts that he had seen, but it was undoubtedly pleasant, and the unusual ridged patterns that the wind and rain had created in the sand made it more interesting to look at than most pleasure beaches.

Have a happy, relaxing weekend, everyone xoxo

Today Algy received a message. Anonymous said:

Hi, Algy. Are there any soft and sandy beaches in Scotland? Like the ones in the United States?

Dear Anonymous,
Thank you for your message 🙂  Here on the west coast of Scotland there are indeed some very beautiful sandy beaches, usually made of pale shell sand. The sand is usually quite soft above the tideline, especially if it gets a chance to dry out on a warm day like the one pictured here, but because they are made of shells, not all of which have broken down yet, the sand is perhaps a wee bit sharp. And because it rains more often than not, the sand is rarely entirely dry…

There are also fine beaches on the Western Isles and on the north coast of Scotland. But Algy guesses that maybe the Scottish beaches are not much like the ones in the USA. He thinks perhaps your beaches are much larger, and your sand may well be softer, and drier – and you probably don’t have sheep and Highland cows roaming on your beaches 🙂 Algy sends you a big fluffy hug xoxo