Algy has made a special “Thank You” message for all his kind friends and followers, and especially for those who sent him congratulations on the occasion of his Anniversary.

[And his assistant struggled for hours with Tumblr’s GIF restrictions and then faced repeated image upload failures for photo posts: “Error Uploading Image”. Aaaarghhhh!.]


Happy Anniversary Algy!


Happy Anniversary Algy!

One year ago today, Algy created his very first post for The Adventures of Algy on Tumblr. Algy loves home-made chocolate brownies, so his friends made him a Chocolate Brownie Anniversary Cake, with a very special candle.

Of course, only a few personal friends saw Algy’s first posts. Nobody knew that Algy was there. And then one day Algy got his first “note” from a stranger on Tumblr, northernbriton. Algy was so thrilled! So today Algy sends a special “Thank You!” and an extra fluffy hug to Lawrence, his first and oldest friend on Tumblr.

Algy has worked much harder in the past year than he ever believed possible! He has fallen out of trees, travelled to special locations, clung to branches in gales and blizzards, and almost been swept away by the tide 🙂  In return he has been rewarded with many lovely new friends, from countries all over the world. He never expected that, and it has made him very happy. Thank you all! Algy sends special anniversary fluffy hugs and kisses to all his friends and followers XOXO

[Algy has made a special “Thank You” animation for you, but his silly assistant hasn’t quite finished preparing it yet, so he can’t post it today. He will post it as soon as he can.]