Algy Receives Some Christmas Presents


Heavy sleet was falling outside, so Algy thought it best to open his Christmas presents indoors. He wasn’t really quite sure what all of them were for, so he consulted his wise new friend from Vancouver, who expressed a very definite opinion about the blue things. Despite his friend’s assurances, however, Algy still had some doubts …

With very special thanks to Stephanie XX

[Algy apologizes for publishing this GIF in a text post, but the photo upload facility isn’t working properly today.]

Algy went to bed early on Christmas Eve, in the hope that it would make the next morning come sooner, but he was a wee bit too excited to sleep …


Algy Says “Reading is Forever”


Algy heard that Tumblr was inviting submissions for an animated GIF exhibition. He looked eagerly through the entries, but was very disappointed to find that poetry-reading fluffy birds from the West Highlands of Scotland were really not represented at all. How could this be?

He decided that the situation must not be allowed to persist, so he searched through his personal collection of animated GIFs and submitted a suitable version of one of his favourites. Algy says “reading is forever” …

[You can see Algy’s submission, with its likes and reblogs, on this page of the Moving the Still GIF Festival.]

Note: the animation may be jerky while it loads, but will then play properly.