As most of Algy’s friends will know by now, Algy has been spending this weekend celebrating three years of The Adventures of Algy on Tumblr. (Join Algy on lovefromalgy for his all-weekend dance party.)

Algy’s very first adventure was posted on Tumblr on 13th March 2012. On that day, young Algy perched on a rock in the sea and quoted this poem, which he repeats now from a different rock, to celebrate three incredible years:

          The sea-wash never ends.
          The sea-wash repeats, repeats.
          Only old songs? Is that all the sea knows?
                     Only the old strong songs?
                     Is that all?
          The sea-wash repeats, repeats.

Algy thanks you all very much indeed for your wonderful kindness, congratulations and good wishes on the occasion of his 3rd Tumblr birthday xoxo

One of Algy’s Tumblr friends asked Algy to tell his assistant that “we want to celebrate with all of you the 100th birthday of those adventures“. Even 3 years of adventures is really quite a lot for a fluffy bird, and 100 years sounds quite alarming! But who knows, maybe Algy’s adventures will still be carrying on through his books – if not on Tumblr itself – in 100 years time! He hopes so 🙂 Perhaps, like the sea-wash, Algy’s adventures will never end…

[ Algy is quoting Sea-Wash by the 20th century American poet Carl Sandburg; the poem originally appeared in the February 1920 issue of Poetry magazine. Listen to Sea-Wash at the Poetry Foundation. ]


Let’s Dance All Weekend…

…to celebrate three whole years of The Adventures of Algy on Tumblr, and the forthcoming publication of Algy’s first book, which has grown out of his adventures. Three years ago, Algy had no idea that any of this would happen, and none of it would have been possible without YOU!

Algy thanks you all from the bottom of his fluffy heart for your kindness
and good wishes on the occasion of his 3rd Tumblr birthday (Friday 13th
March), and for all your support, kindness, encouragement and friendship
over the past three years. It has been truly wonderful xoxo

One of Algy’s friends, carolinedattnerblankstein said “Let’s dance all weekend”, and Algy thinks that’s an excellent idea 🙂
So Algy will be celebrating all weekend on lovefromalgy, and invites you all to join in. Come and join the dance 🙂

If you have a fluffy or joyful or dancing image to share with Algy, please send him a link or use the lovefromalgy submission form.

And, for those who are interested, Algy wants you to know that his first book A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird
is making very exciting progress and should be available in six to
eight weeks time. It will be a wee bit later than he had hoped – of
course! Nothing runs on schedule in Algy’s world, and it has been a very
stormy winter… But it should be ready by late April, and Algy will then hold a big and very fluffy book launch party here on Tumblr 🙂

Today, March 13th, is Algy’s 3rd Tumblr birthday. Happy Birthday, Algy!

Algy posted his very first adventure here on Tumblr three years ago today.

Algy is going out for a wee while to have a birthday adventure, and then he will hold a small birthday party on lovefromalgy later on this afternoon and evening (Scottish time). You are all most warmly invited to join him 🙂

Algy would like to take this opportunity to say a few words…


Thank you all for your amazing support and wonderful friendship which has made three years of Algy’s adventures not only possible but a truly remarkable experience – in fact, almost certainly a unique experience, even in the contemporary virtual world,

Thank you all so much – this would never have happened without you! xoxoxoxo