Algy was entranced by the magical environment of the great freshwater rock pool. It seemed to be a world apart, peaceful and warm within the shelter of the natural rocky fortifications which surrounded it. This was a place of strange colours and fascinating reflections; a place of calm and stillness which confounded the wildness of the ocean beyond it, and the blast of the constant wind that swept across the exposed headland above it.

Algy leaned back happily against the sun-warmed rock and wished that he could stay there indefinitely. He remembered the opening lines of an old poem about just such an environment:

          Bright as a fallen fragment of the sky,
          Mid shell-encrusted rocks the sea-pool shone,
          Glassing the sunset-clouds in its clear heart,
          A small enchanted world enwalled apart
          In diamond mystery,
          Content with its own dreams, its own strict zone
          Of urchin woods, its fairy bights and bars,
          Its daisy-disked anemones and rose-feathered stars.

Algy hopes that you will all find such a magical place in which to rest peacefully and recover from the struggles and turmoil of daily life :))

[Algy is quoting the opening verse of the long poem The Rock Pool by the early 20th century English poet Alfred Noyes.]