Dear @adventuresofalgy

Dear @wintermanworld Algy was astonished and absolutely delighted to discover that he has found his way into one of your wonderful illustrations – and with his book too!!! He is so happy to be an honorary member of your Green Fam 🙂

Thank you very, very much – this has really made Algy’s day. He would like your permission to include this image in the fan art gallery on his own web site (with full credit of course) so that the children who visit Algy’s site can see this too. Please let Algy know if that would be all right.

Algy sends you and your green friend lots and lots of very fluffy hugs – you have brought a huge smile to his face today xoxoxo

Algy is a very happy fluffy bird today 🙂

And he says “Isn’t Tumblr amazing! It may not be perfect in every
way, but it enables us to make wonderful new friends all around the
world, even if we never fly away from a remote spot on the coast of the
Scottish Highlands, and to see and share our original work with people
who live far, far away.”

Algy loves Tumblr and all his incredible Tumblr friends. He sends @wintermanworld
and all his friends around the world lots of very fluffy hugs and
thanks you for making Tumblr such a special place for a fluffy bird xoxo


After a while, Algy managed to stop staring at the swinging necklace, removed it from the bush, and hung it around his neck where it belonged. Gathering up his gifts and the pretty card, he flew up onto a low perch, and propped the card up in a forked branch so that the birds would feel at home. But it seemed that the hypnotic effect of the necklace had not entirely worn off, because Algy found that he just couldn’t stop looking first one way and then the other; one way and then the other; one way and then the other …

Thank you again for your lovely gifts, stefaniejasper :)))