When he investigated more closely, Algy was amazed to discover that the objects caught in the crevices of the rock were baubles. Some seemed to be made of a thick but transparent glass, and some had a shiny if rather weathered silver finish, which glinted and gleamed when they caught the light. So far as he could see, they were all intact, although worn in places of course, and each had an oddly-coloured scrap of fabric attached. Algy was so thrilled! If he could just manage to collect them up before the tide washed them away again, he would have his very own Christmas decorations …


After every storm, Algy looks to see whether the wind has brought him any new treasures. Under the trees Algy found a pretty metal box with a funny little key on the side. When he tried winding the key, he got quite a surprise.

[If you would like to hear what Algy heard, listen to his audio post.]