Gray-Card’s Year End Top 5 Photo Extravaganza!

Algy found it impossibly difficult to select five favourite photos from 2015, but he likes all of these, for different reasons 🙂

And he sends lots of fluffy thanks to Gray-Card for their support and all their wonderful work over the past year. He hopes that the year ahead will be a happy one for you all, and sends you lots of fluffy hugs.

And now, stand by everybody… in a very short while, Algy’s Fluffy New Year and Golden Heart Book Launch party will begin… and will continue all weekend through the New Year!


Algy’s most popular adventures of 2015

Algy’s BEST posts (i.e. posts with most notes) of 2015, according to the “best of tumblr” generator… And still Tumblr have not brought back reply 😦

December ♥ 195

November ♥ 171

October ♥ 213

September ♥ 556

August ♥ 281

July ♥ 265

June ♥ 379

May ♥ 222

April ♥ 244

March ♥ 269

February ♥ 247

January ♥ 390

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