Algy flew up to the edge of the forest and perched on the chilly ground in the sunshine. It was a beautifully bright day, but the air was cold and the mountain top was decorated with a light coating of snow. Every pocket in the boggy ground was covered with its own thin sheet of ice, which crackled from time to time, and in the shadows the frost still lay thick and crisp and white. But the air was calm and the sun still provided a slight hint of warmth, so Algy rested for a while, absorbing the winter sunshine while he could.

Algy hopes that you will all enjoy a warm and restful weekend 🙂


Although the forest was fascinating, it was undoubtedly a strange and slightly unnerving environment. Old, storm-felled trees lay higgledy-piggledy across unpleasantly oily black bogs, where bright green mosses thrived, almost glowing in the low light. Beneath the upturned roots were dark caverns which Algy dared not explore, and which the patches of sunlight that filtered through from the forest canopy could not illuminate.

Algy could see that not only did the fallen trees host the growth of many smaller plants which took root in their bark, but many of them lived on, despite being uprooted, putting out new branches which stretched upwards towards the sky. Sometimes a brand new sapling of a different tree sprang forth from a hollow in the trunk of a fallen pine or larch. And high above it all towered the trees that were still standing, their lower branches crowded and bare except around the clearings where others had fallen, but their tops crowned with masses of bright green needles.

Algy gazed at the scene and marvelled… and decided that perhaps it was time to return to his home by the ocean, where everything was fresh and open and bright…


The hours of daylight were growing rapidly shorter now, and by the late afternoon it was pitch dark. As dusk fell in the forest at the end of another brief day, the robin started to sing his evening melody, so Algy hopped up onto the mosy, upturned roots of a fallen tree, and joined him in a forest lullaby…


When Algy woke the next morning, the forest was full of filtered sunlight and everything seemed normal again – at least, as normal as it could be in such an odd environment. He fluttered over to a drier mound of moss beneath a massive tree, and listened to all the soft sounds around him. A robin was singing somewhere among the trees in the distance, and other little birds were fluttering about among the branches. All was well with the world after all 🙂


At the lower levels in the heart of the forest, water gathered in dark pools surrounded by strange mounds of bright green moss. The soft mounds were comfortable to sit upon, but disconcertingly odd, and when Algy looked out of the corner of his eye, he had the feeling that unnatural lights were flickering on and off in the depths of the black water. It was almost Halloween, and he wondered whether he was really wise to spend the night in the forest…


As the sun sank lower through the tangled branches, Algy woke from his afternoon nap. The mosses on the forest floor were beautifully soft but they were also exceedingly damp, so Algy hopped up onto a low twiggy branch to dry his tail feathers, and gazed deep into the heart of the forest.

Over the years, the winter gales had felled many trees, which continued to lie in the spot they had fallen. This made the forest even more impenetrable, but it also provided new life, and new homes for many tiny creatures. Algy was fascinated by this strange environment, so unlike his own airy home by the ocean, and he wondered what it would be like to live in such a place…

Algy hopes that no matter what kind of environment you are inhabiting this weekend, you will have a peaceful and happy time 🙂