On Friday –


Algy perched on the banks of the frozen burn in the bright winter sunshine, and gazed at the strange, spiky shapes of the ice crystals, and the big dark hole in the middle of the stream which the ice seemed unable to reach. As he wondered idly why the hole was round, and not rectangular and jagged like the crystals, he remembered the wonderings of another popular character 🙂

On Monday, when the sun is hot
I wonder to myself a lot:
“Now is it true, or is it not,
That what is which and which is what?”

On Tuesday, when it hails and snows
The feeling on me grows and grows
That hardly anybody knows
If those are these or these are those.

On Wednesday, when the sky is blue,
And I have nothing else to do,
I sometimes wonder if it’s true
That who is what and what is who.

On Thursday, when it starts to freeze
And hoar-frost twinkles on the trees,
How very readily one sees
That these are whose – but whose are these?

On Friday –

Happy Friday everyone… And if you are snowed in this weekend, Algy hopes you will spend a pleasant time watching the hoar frost twinkle on the trees outside, wondering idly about this and that 🙂

[Algy is of course quoting the poem Lines Written by a Bear of Very Little Brain, from Chapter 7 of the children’s book Winnie the Pooh by the early 20th century English author A. A. Milne.]


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