Dear friends,

A wee bird told Algy that you were interested in photos on the theme “Encounter”, so he would like to share with you this photographic record of a certain real-life encounter which he experienced in person this week.

With fluffy hugs from the wild west Highlands of Scotland, from Algy… and friends 🙂

Thank you for this beautiful “Encounters” photos. We love it!

PWS – Photos Worth Seeing

Shortly after this photo was taken, the black coo cautiously approached Algy, one step at a time, evidently unsure what this strange creature might be. Eventually the coo came close enough to reach out and discover whether a fluffy bird was something a hielan’ coo could eat… Of course Algy knew that coos do not eat birds, but nevertheless he thought it prudent to consider the “encounter” at an end at that point, and fly away to a safer spot where he could not be munched by a large, hairy animal 🙂


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