Sunday Selfie, February 2017


Dear friends at PWS and throughout the Tumblrverse, Algy wishes you a very happy Selfie Sunday and sends you all lots of frosty fluffy hugs xoxo

Another tradition of the PWS Selfie Sunday is … yes, the fluffiest bird in the whole Tumblrverse: Algy. Star of now already three books (see here:, and overall great lad. Thank you for your fluffy selfie submission! We love it!

PAFBWS – Photo(grapher And Fluffy Bird)s Worth Seeing

And on another bright and frosty morning, Algy sends his fluffiest thanks to all his kind friends at @photosworthseeing for allowing him to participate in the wonderful PWS tradition of Selfie Sunday 🙂 Algy knows that he is not quite like the other creatures who participate in this event, but it seems that he was made to be a wee bit different 🙂

Lots of very fluffy hugs to you all xoxo


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