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Some of Algy’s friends have been following his adventures only on Facebook over the past couple of years, but Algy and his assistant are not happy using Facebook, and so they are closing their FB account next week.

Many of Algy’s FB friends have said they would like to keep in touch another way, and they have asked for a monthly newsletter – so that is exactly what Algy is going to do 🙂

The newsletter will be managed by Algy’s assistant Jenny Chapman personally (not by a commercial company), and delivered by email approximately once a month, with occasional special issues when something exciting happens 🙂

Algy has never composed a newsletter before, so he is not quite sure how it will turn out, but he expects it to contain highlights from the previous month’s adventures, with some images, news about his activities, and special offers on his books etc.

So if you would like to receive a newsletter from Algy by email, click through to the form on Algy’s own web site and enter a valid email address.

Everyone is welcome to subscribe to Algy’s newsletter, no matter whether you follow Algy’s adventures elsewhere or not 🙂

Subscribe to The Adventures of Algy Newsletter

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