Algy tucked himself in between the sharp, spiky clumps of Marram grass and leaned back on the sand, which was still damp in patches from all the rain which had fallen during the gales. He was fascinated by the semicircles that single blades of the pointed grass had drawn in the sand – guided, no doubt, by the wind – and he wondered whether he could use one to make a sand drawing himself, but decided that he was too clumsy.

As he gazed at the beautiful colours of the sky and the sea, Algy reflected that he had almost forgotten what such colours looked like – it had been such an exceptionally grey summer. Although there were no pine trees here, the scene reminded him of a long forgotten poem:

There I know blue, blue water,
 And a waving line of land,
With pines that grow in a wind-swept row
 As set by a dreamer’s hand;
And where the winds will, in hollow or hill,
 Sand and sand and sand.

Sand as soft as a snowfall —
 Drifting, eddying, whirled —
Sweeping into the valleys,
 Over the grasses swirled,
And billowing up to the tree-tops
 That look out on the world.

Sand of romantic patterns
 New for each passer fleet.
Here a flower has lain, there the leaf-like chain
 That was marked by a sea-gull’s feet;
And the pebbled trace as of scalloped lace
 Where the waves and the shore-line meet.

Gleaming sands in the morning
 When the little waves run white,
While gay wings fan the shining span
 And float a song in flight;
And the lupine blue spreads a heaven new
 Where the stars might rest till night.

[Algy is quoting from the poem The Sand Dunes by the 20th century American poet Janet Norris Bangs.]

The gales blew themselves out, the mist slowly lifted, and the air began to clear. By the next day a beautiful wave of dazzling blue had washed all across the sky, and the world was full of colour again. So Algy hurried down to the beach in the sunshine, and found a warm spot at the edge of the sand dunes where he could rest and watch the sea and the shore birds.

As the gales began to die down, Algy sat himself up, brushed himself off, and gazed at his lap. He was still feeling rather stunned, but was pleased to see that he was not the only thing that had been knocked out of the rowan tree by the wind. It looked like breakfast time 🙂

The gales raged all day and all night, and well into the next morning, but then the wind fell suddenly, and dropped rapidly down to barely a whisper. Algy, however, did not last anything like that long. It is often said that pride comes before a fall, but in Algy’s case it was greed which was his downfall; he too fell suddenly, and dropped rapidly down to the ground, where he lay, slightly dazed, for quite some time, watching the bright red berries which were still waving about wildly above his head…

Why do you take pictures of algy

Dear Anonymous, Algy says he thinks you must be referring to that strange person who always seems to be following him around with a camera. Her presence is so ubiquitous that he hardly ever gets a moment to himself, and regardless of the remoteness of the place, or extremes of the weather, there she is, lurking behind a bush or a rock, taking photographs of him. It’s quite disconcerting at times, but – so far as he can tell – she doesn’t seem to mean any harm. Algy has often considered asking her why she does it, but it doesn’t really seem quite polite. He guesses that she must have some kind of reason which makes sense to her, and that’s good enough for him. But he would occasionally like to have some adventures on his own, without her popping up and snapping photos all the time…

By the next morning, it was apparent that another autumn gale was on its way. The wind was already roaring through the trees, but Algy was determined to get some of those luscious red rowan berries before they were all blown away… 


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Although the weather in the West Highlands had been exceptionally grey and misty throughout the late spring and summer, with only occasional bursts of sunshine and blue sky, the landscape seemed intent on compensating for the general lack of colour. Even the scrawniest of the rowan trees were laden with bright orange berries this year, and as Algy contemplated the heavy crop of fruit, he was happy to think that there would be plenty left for his friends – like the redwings and fieldfares – who would be arriving for the winter before very long…

The season was changing very quickly now: the days were cool and misty and the nights were rapidly drawing in, but when the sun managed to shine it still felt pleasantly warm in a sheltered spot.

So Algy lay back among the long waving grasses, high on the hill,  and admired the way the seedheads caught the light, and the vast expanse of landscape and sky all around him. He was thinking about his new children’s book, which was now in preparation: part of the story took place very near this spot, but in the chilly depths of winter. Reclining in the golden sunshine of an early autumn afternoon, it was difficult to remember the harsh winter conditions on the moor, but he had a nasty feeling that it wouldn’t be very long before his memory would be refreshed…